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  • Targeted coaching around a specific area of concern.
    2 hr 30 min
    1 Session| 300
  • 12 Session Empowerment Journey
    1 hr
    12 Sessions | 1350
  • (12) sessions 60-90 min | (3) Accountability-Zoom Calls 15 min |
    1 hr
    12 Sessions | 1350
  • Base : (12) sessions 60 min | (3) 15 min. Accountability/Zoom |
    1 hr
    12 Sessions | 1350
Wooden Hut



I had the opportunity of meeting Drea when I was a teen.  I was going through a really hard time emotionally  due to home life and family issues. Drea would spend time talking with me and finding ways to work  through the trauma.  What I loved the most is that she acknowledged what I was going through and made me feel validated.  That's HUGE for a teenager with home issues.  She made sure I knew  how smart, capable, and loveable I was.  Every time I just needed someone to listen to my feelings and thoughts she was there with a smile and a Kleenex, because Drea has a beautiful way of opening you open up without realizing it.  Her kind and loving nature is what I truly think makes her the best?.  Now, as an adult, working on my third college degree, Drea still makes herself available to me.  She never stops caring.  She taught me how to accept when I needed to move on/past something.  This helped me grow as an adult and create a beautiful life that I didn't know was possible years ago.  Drea has had an impact on my desire to grow and become the adult I have.  

Drea was a life saver for me.  I needed help navigating a few tough months with my pre-teen.  Drea had insight that helped guide me to solutions that I have not even considered . Looking back on that time, I really couldn't have done it without her.  I have to include that my daughter even had a few sessions and loved her!  

Carolyn P.

A Big thanks to my life coach,  Drea, for helping me get motivated.  I have a double knee replacement scheduled and need to prepare:!  If you need/want a certified like coach she is outstanding!  Thank you Drea!

Alexandra H

After a very low point in my life, Drea helped me realize that I do have what it takes to attain my goals.  Not only was she great at encouraging and motivating me to become my best self she made every coaching session feel personal, as if I was speaking with an old friend I knew and trusted.  She was the catalyst for much needed change in my life, and I cannot thank her enough for teaching teaching me how powerful positive thinking can be.  I can happily say that although I am still on a journey of growth, I am now a more productive, proactive and happy person then I was before.  Thank you Drea!

Abigal M.

Kirsten T

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