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How Does This Work?

Consultation: This complimentary phone/zoom session will allow us to get to know each other and learn more about your situation. I will answer any questions you may have and we can discuss the process moving forward.

The First Meeting/Assessment: Once we have decided to proceed, we have an initial meeting to answer any final questions, set a schedule and set the foundation for our coaching relationship. We will then move onto the assessment.  We will discuss where you want o be and how to get there with your vision and values in mind.

Discovery Phase: In this phase, we will identify any obstacles that we can foresee and discuss options to overcome these challenges. We take our findings from the assessment and start to create an action plan.

Action Plan: This master plan is developed for us to follow in the upcoming sessions and includes achievable tasks, goals and milestones to focus on. At the end of every session there will be actionable items to keep you moving towards your goals. Sessions will be held on a weekly or bi-monthly basis

Measuring Progress: At the beginning of each session, I will check in to see where you're at with your action plan, assess your progress and consult on any challenges that arise.

Accountability: Depending on your preference, you may want to email throughout the week as you complete steps in your action plan or you may feel more comfortable waiting for our weekly or bi-weekly meeting. Communication between sessions depends on how you want to work accountability into your framework and what works best for you to stay on track.

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