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Transformational Power Package

12 Session Empowerment Journey

  • 1 h
  • 12 Sessions | 1350
  • 12 Sessions/Zoom/Custom Location

Service Description

Transformation begins with... Stage One: Understand You Through a few assessments and coaching sessions, we'll get to know what makes you tick. We'll establish your life vision, the values that are most important to you, and your superpower: the unique combination of strengths that you bring to the world.​ Stage Two: Understand Your Environment We'll look at your current environment, at work and home, to understand the challenges, opportunities, resources and support systems available to you. ​ Stage Three: Set Goals After setting the baseline during Stages One and Two, we'll set goals to achieve your personal definition of whole-life success. We'll assess any gaps we see between the present and your future vision. We'll start addressing the fears and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.​ Stage Four: Experiment and Reflect Using your strengths, we'll try new approaches and observe your results. Topics we could cover include, but are not limited to: simplifying your life, building resilience, questioning and addressing your fears, communicating your needs, and challenging the "shoulds" we all have in our lives. You'll have a safe space to try out and discuss ideas with me first, and then we'll reflect together on how you can introduce positive changes to your daily life at work and home. When an experiment is successful, we'll work on establishing that practice as a habit, so you build and solidify your progress.​ Stage Five: Maintain and Adapt So you've made some really positive changes and feel a little more empowered every day -- but what about next year? How do you maintain and adapt your design after you're done with coaching? This is where we solidify your plans, beliefs and support systems to enable further progress and joy over the long term.​ Let's get you started on this journey.

Contact Details

+1(509) 438-4533

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