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Why Life Coaching? I'm glad you asked...

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Have you ever been stuck in a rut? Felt caught in a fog of fear? Lacked motivation? Not lived up to your full potential? Hmmmm... chances are you have been there or you're treading in that uncertainty at this very moment. Now imagine looking back to your teen years - managing through that time was challenging... now compound that feeling with a five-hundred pound weight of self doubt coupled with a limited vision into the future. Adding support, a process and some insightful tools can help - that's where a life coach comes in.


  • FEELING STUCK: When you’re not sure where your life or career is going, and even if you do, you have no idea how you’re going to get there.

  • PROCRASTINATING: When the same goal is on your to-do list every day, season, or year and you seem no closer; it may be that you’re experiencing the fear of failure or success, and you cannot stand the rejection (e.g. school work/health/fitness goals).

  • BURN OUT: When school/life feels “blah,” you’re bored, unfulfilled, and itching for something more; or when your school/life is out of balance and you're tired of being stressed out.

  • STRAINED RELATIONSHIPS: When your circumstances, actions, or shutting down is negatively impacting the people around you; you're not feeling connected to friends, classmates, family or loved ones.

  • REPEATING NEGATIVE HABITS: When you’ve tried to stop doing something over and over again, but it doesn’t seem to last (e.g. impulse buying, criticizing love ones, or using food, drugs, porn or video games to try and feel better).

Coaching is designed for those who want more...

Life Coaching is a non-clinical, solution focused, approach to helping people change their current circumstances. Coaching helps people create specific goals, identify obstacles or challenges, and develop unique strategies based on your strengths. The coaching experience guides individuals in using systems and skills to design a fulfilling life and deeply connected relationships.

4 Benefits of Life Coaching


  • PURPOSE: Dive deep to generate clarity and meaning for your life story, articulating a personal mission and generating goals.

  • FREEDOM TO MOVE FORWARD: Overcome internal and external barriers, giving yourself permission to be great.

  • VISION: Create a picture and a plan for your dreams; realizing what your future could hold and how to get there.


  • COMMUNICATION: Reinforce your innate ability to listen, reason, and articulate your thoughts, feelings, and issues; increasing the ability to understand and be understood.

  • INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Construct better social abilities and confidence; including how to more effectively read body language, express feelings, and carry on conversations.

  • BOUNDARIES: Begin to courageously say “no,” decreasing co-dependency and harmful relationships.


  • FULL POTENTIAL: Aspire to more than just “OK” with your life, be proud of who you are and where you’re going; “be all you can be” isn’t just for the Army anymore.

  • CONFIDENCE: Increase your self-esteem and positive self-image through bold, courageous, and brave acts.

  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Conquer and utilize our most precious resource (time) through developing personalized strategies for managing your calendar, overcoming procrastination and distractions.


  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Strengthen your resolve and ability to maintain (and sustain) a healthy weight through your innate knowledge of diet, nutrition, and exercise.

  • SLEEP HYGIENE: Use our body’s natural processes and rhythms in your holistic approach for more quality sleep for longer.

  • STRESS REDUCTION: Enhance your ability to not only lower and manage anxiety/stress but when and how to use tension to your advantage.

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