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"I had the opportunity of meeting Drea when I was a teenager.  I was going through a hard time emotionally because of my home life and family issues.  Drea would spend time talking with me and finding ways to work through the trauma.  What I loved the most is that she acknowledged what I was going through and made me feel validated.  That's HUGE for a teenager.  She made sure I knew how smart, capable, and loveable I was.  Every time I just needed someone to listen to my feelings and thought she was there with a smile and a kleenex because Drea has a beautiful way of letting you open up without realizing it.  Her kind and loving nature is what I truly think makes her the best!  Now, as an adult, working onmhy third college degree, Drea still makes herself available to me.  She never stops caring.  While now it's a little different, I know whenever I need her, she is there to help me.  She still listen and gives the best guidance.  She taught me how to accept when I needed to move on/past something.  This helped me grow as an adult and create a beautiful life that I didn't know was possible years ago.  Drea had the biggest impact on my desire to grow and become the adult that I have."ing 5
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